Eyepiece selection and their uses

Illuminated reticule, Ethos 13mm and Nagler 31mm

My main interest in astronomy is the imaging side and I have to admit that I am still fascinated by the sheer beauty that long exposure imaging can produce and when you produce the images yourself, well that gives more satisfaction. Consequently I don't do a great deal of observing. Apart from the 40mm eyepiece that came with the C14 I only have three other eyepieces and one of those I only use to assist with collimating the scopes and getting an accurate polar alignment, this is a 9mm illuminated reticule eyepiece. The other two are a Televue Nagler 31mm and a Televue Ethos 13mm. The only way that I can describe these two eyepieces is "Stunning". They both live up to the hype and you only have to look at Saturn through the Ethos and C14 to realise this. Even at 7.30am I was able to see banding on the surface the rings with their divisions and the shadow cast on the planets surface, all this and 6 moons visible in the same field of view, the image was tack sharp accross the whole field. The Nagler is equally impressive for wider fields of view and retains the same crystal clear sharp image. Both eyepieces are worth every penny. The image gives a good indication as to the size of the Televue eyepieces.

Nagler 31mm, 8mm reticule and Ethos 13mm