Time Lapse Videos Of The Night Sky Including "Holy Grail" Time Lapses

All of the time lapse videos that I've done can be found by following the direct links below to my YouTube channel where the videos are either in HD or 4K. There is some basic information in the videos as to location and equipment, exposures, etc. For further information please contact me via my email. Just click on the pictures to see the video

    Holy Grail and Static Time lapses at Gayle Beck Lodge


    Time lapse and animated star trails at Ribblehead Viaduct


    Holy Grail Time Lapse, Night Time Lapses, animated star trails and drone footage at Fewston Reservoir


    16 hour "Holy Grail" time lapse at Brimham Rocks with some drone footage


    "Holy Grail" time lapse at Ribblehead Viaduct, North Yorkshire


    "Holy Grail" time lapse at Nidd Gorge, North Yorkshire


    Time lapse and star trails at Ribblehead Viaduct with drone footage


     Time lapse at Knaresborough Castle, North Yorkshire


    Animated star trail movie at Nidd Gorge, North Yorkshire


    Time lapse at Nidd Gorge viaduct in North Yorkshire


    Moonlit time lapse under Nidd Gorge viaduct, North Yorkshire


    Time lapse tour of Nidd Gorge at night, North Yorkshire


    Time lapse at Scotton Weir, North Yorkshire


    The night sky in motion, various clips from Herefordshire


    Reflections of the night sky on Hergest Ridge, Kington, Herefordshire


  Moonlight and Milky Way at Hergest Ridge, Kington, Herefordshire


    Milky Way and reflections at Grwyne Fawr Reservoir, Brecon Beacons


    Clouds and stars time lapse by Monkey Puzzle Trees, Hergest Ridge


    Some tips on how to shoot night sky time lapses


    Milky Way time lapse on Hergest Ridge, Kington, Herefordshire


    A year of time lapse, star trails and stills from Herefordshire


    The night sky in motion, numerous clips


    Milky Way time lapse at Eardisley, Herefordshire


    12 months of the night sky, various clips


    Milky Way rising over Eardisley, Herefordshire


  British Camp and Grwyne Fawr time lapse


    Boxing Day time lapse on British Camp, Malvern


    Grwyne Fawr Reservoir time lapse at -20c, Brecon Beacons


    Milky Way at Drover's Wood Herefordshire


    Time lapse of Perseid Meteor shower, Eardisley, Herefordshire


    Milky Way rising in Eardisley, Herefordshire