All of my astrophotography is now time lapse done in different locations so everything has to be portable

We moved house to Harrogate last year and due to the location where we moved to I can't do deep sky work any more so I have started to do some work with DSLRs (mirrorless) and a couple of years ago I had a go at time lapse photography. Since then I have been learning new skills and am now doing time lapse videos with motion incorporated by using a motorised slider with a pan/tilt head. I am using a Sony A7Sii and Sony A7III cameras and a selection of fast wide angle/fisheye lenses from Samyang and Tamron. For the slider and pan/tilt motion I use gear made by Dynamic Perception (more info on the links page) and also to do "Holy Grail" time lapses (day to night and day to night and back to day) I use a computerised intervalometer called a Timelapse+ view (also on the links page). As all of my imaging is now done away from home and I don't drive I have to travel by public transport and walking, but due to a total knee replacement 3 years ago and arthritis, carrying all my gear was very uncomfortable and tiring so I got myself a hiking trailer from a company called Benpacker in Germany so I can carry all me gear plus extras without crippling myself further (more info on links page), the trailer will carry up to 40kg in weight of gear which is plenty for me to take both cameras, slider gear, tripods, tent, down suit, spare batteries, dew heaters, food and drink, drone, etc. With this gear and trailer I can be more productive on each outing, so for example in one night I can shoot a complete day to night to day time lapse on the slider while the other camera is taking star trails, time lapse, nightscapes, animated star trails and during the daylight hours early in the morning I can shoot some drone footage of the area to give more context to the end video